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A Taste of Love!

This 14th Feb, join us for a chocolate and pro-secco tasting, courtesy of Precious by Ran and Remomero, for the perfect romantic combination!

The fun starts at 12, just drop in if you dont need a mani...

His n Hers Tips & Toes Offer

For the month of love, a couple coming together for manis and pedis

will pay only 55$ for both! Usual price is 69$... sharing is caring! 

 Feel The Love - Add on!

This is the Essie Spa treatment for hands with an aromatherapy massage to relax you

and smooth  away the stress of Valentines...


The latest technique of brow enhancing that is taking the US by storm,

has landed at The Nail Bar.

Our talented Phi Brows Technician can give you

natural looking fuller brows, that last for 1-1.5 years. Call us for more info...



Cerazyme is the first waxing system that looks after the skin, combining effective and pain-free hair removal with exclusive cosmetic treatments for the face and body, offering a unique waxing experience for facial and intimate areas. 

IBX Packages

IBX is the only in-salon nail strengthening treatment, no paint-on products full of formaldehyde, this products works from the inside out, strengthening the actual cells of your nails and helping the new cells grow. Sessions no closer than 1 week apart are recommended. Start up packages of 6 sessions from 52$... for beautiful nails...always..