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Put a Spring in your step! 

 This March, try our Marine Spa Pedi or

Almond Spa Pedi and save 25%

AKA the Facial for Feet!!!

And save 20% on all our waxing services! 

Special Revolution Rates!

Lash Extensions

Classic Look 75$ Volume 115$

Gel Sculpted Nail Extensions 70$

Gel Tip & Overlay 55$

Gel Overlay 42$

Additional Shellac just add 10$






Be bolder with your brows...for a short while!!! Try our Henna Brow Tinting 

Lasts on the skin for up to 10 days, tints the brows for around 6 weeks 

(based on traditional henna but adapted specially for brows)

 Available in colours from very fair to very dark 


Cleaning and tinting 20$ 

Full redesign, threading, waxing & tinting 35$





Be bolder with your brows for a year or more!!!

The latest technique of brow enhancing 

has landed at The Nail Bar.

Our talented Phi Brows Technician can give you

natural looking fuller brows, that last for 1-1.5 years. Call us for more info...


IBX Packages

IBX is the only in-salon nail strengthening treatment, no paint-on products full of formaldehyde, this products works from the inside out, strengthening the actual cells of your nails and helping the new cells grow. Sessions no closer than 1 week apart are recommended. Start up packages of 6 sessions from 52$... for beautiful nails...always..