Nail Tips

For excellent nail and cuticle condition
We recommend the new Lebanese brand Potion Kitchens cuticle and nail oil called Nailed It! This perfect blend of avocado, castor, jojoba and other essential oils, can be used daily to maintain beautiful, flexible nails and well conditioned cuticles. The perfect remedy for weak nails that break easily, dry cuticles and nails that double at the free edge, and also keeps Acrylic and Gel extensions flexible and well conditioned between refills!

Help for weak and problem nails

We recommend our in-salon nail strengthening treatment called IBX. IBX penetrates into the natural nail building strength from within. This is also ideal as a preventative treatment under Shellac or other Gel Polishes, strengthening the nail even under the gel polish coating. A course of treatments is recommend for best results. 

Treat specific weaknesses
Herome is a very popular traditional nail strengthener, it comes in 3 strengths, Strong, Extra Strong and Formaldehyde Free formula for sensitive nails. Follow the instructions for best results, and why not try their SOS 24hour hand cream for amazing hydration that really lasts!


For feet that are in need of help:
GEHWOL products are simply amazing for all problems related to feet such as calluses, cracked heels, ingrown toe nails, athletes foot and foot odour. Try our Gehwol Med Pedicure to experience the products and we can recommend which one you need to use at home.